Virtual Reading Club – Intermediate (July to August 2022)


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Series of 4 classes, one every second Monday

  • Monday, July 11 and 25, 2022
  • Monday, August 8 and 22, 2022

Time : 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Description :
Reading and interactive games (board games, charades…) in a group on Zoom with a facilitator.
Excellent for building self-esteem in French and making new friends! (more info below…)

FOR: Grade 3 to 6 (Intermediate level)
*Participants MUST be able to read and speak in French. (e.g. Able to read short pages of French text (a few errors is o.k.) and pretty good comprehension but would appreciate more practice.)


Read, discuss and converse among the group IN FRENCH
The kids will take turns reading different sections in magazines (comics, fiction, science, sports, facts, culture, etc.) and share their experiences and opinions among the group IN FRENCH.
There will also be interactive activities (board games, deciphering codes, crafts, etc.).

Excellent pour building self-esteem in French and making new friends!

Objectives :

  • Express themselves and share their point of view with other kids.
  • Work on their interpretation of different types of texts.
  • Share their impressions of what they read.
  • Discover NEW types of books (fiction, comics, science or sport magazines, non-fiction, news, etc.).
  • Discover new collections or authors (of their interest!) in our library.
  • Work on their French vocabulary while having fun in French!
  • Meet new friends and build a sense of belonging with other French speaking kids.
  • Have fun in FRENCH!


Since our facilitator will not be in the same room as your child, parents are responsible to provide all required supervision. Please ensure that you understand the risks of going online, speak with your child about it before sessions begin, and supervise them during the sessions.

No responsibility disclaimer : I authorize my children to participate in online sessions with a Centre d’appui familial employee and will not hold le Centre d’appui familial responsible.


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Event Details

Day 1: July 11, 2022
Start time: 13:30
End time: 14:30

Day 2: July 25, 2022
Start time: 13:30
End time: 14:30

Day 3: August 08, 2022
Start time: 13:30
End time: 14:30

Day 4: August 22, 2022
Start time: 13:30
End time: 14:30

Start time: 13:30 MST

End time: 14:30 MST

Venue: Virtual meeting

Phone: 403-249-0525 poste 8


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