Mobile Library

The library of our Centre d’appui familial has a mobile library service that offers schools, preschools and daycares the possibility of borrowing among thousands of French resources, including books, DVDs, educational games, toys and costumes from our library.

How does it work?

Members of the mobile library service can select and reserve up to 50 resources via our online catalogue or come and pick them up at our library. You can refresh your selection every 2 months.

Once you have completed your selections, you can contact us and we locate your choices that are in stock and put them aside so that you can come and pick them up. If you do not have the time and if you prefer, you can simply indicate certain themes and ages ranges and our staff will do their best to select resources for you. Resources can be borrowed for up to 2 months.

The person responsible for the contract may indicate up to four authorized representatives to come and pick up the resources (eg a teacher, a parent of the school, etc.)

We also offer resources for children with special needs (specialized material to help with sensory development, language skills, motor skills, etc.).  Please note that these resources are for a specific purpose and that only specialists, such as occupational therapists, should use these resources with a child.

Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail and we will prepare a contract for you to sign. We can discuss and include your customized preferences.

Duration of the contract for schools – for the school year: from the first day of school with a final return of all resources before the last day of school, no later than June 29

Duration of the contract for the organizations: a full year

Please refer to our Memberships page  for more information on this subscription, the fees and the conditions of borrowing.

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