Our Online Catalogue

We are happy to announce that our library will begin the first stage of our gradual reopening on July 2, 2020. During this stage, our members will be able to reserve items online (see our online catalog ) and collect them by using the Curbside Pick-up service.


To view all of our procedures, please click on the links below:

PROCEDURE – Online reservation
PROCEDURE – Curbside Pick-up service
Adjustment of our borrowing policy

Please note that

  • The library remains closed to the public during this first stage.
  • The membership of all our active members have been extended by 5 months.
  • The due date for all borrowed items has been extended to September 1.
  • Your current loans can only be returned once our second stage of reopening begins (date to announced soon). Please keep the borrowed items at home for the moment.
  • Since you cannot yet return your loans during this first reopening stage, all our members are exceptionally authorized to continue borrowing items even if you already have loans at home. The limit of 20 resources authorized for borrowing per members is currently removed. We will put it back in place once the second stage of the reopening begins.

Our team is working hard at this time to prepare for the second stage of our reopening.  We are putting in place procedures to ensure that our library as well as our resources are safe for our members and our employees. We sincerely appreciate for your patience and your cooperation during this unprecedented situation.  We assure you that we are actively working to re-establish our programs and services.

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